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Dear Southwest Airlines

Well Southwest, I tried to fly you and you screwed me again.  I paid $690.00 dollars for a roundtrip ticket weeks in advance from Portland to Denver.  When I checked in you told me "We have to give you a boarding number at the gate."  So I go to the gate, and you did in fact give me a boarding number.  C63!!! C63?? Seriously?  Did I mention I paid $690.00 to Denver?  I think I did.  So I end up sitting in a middle seat between two overweight individuals.  

Oh, and Tony the flight attendant dude, listen, you are not a comic!  Your timing and delivery are beyond off.  And could you please be more concerned about helping people get on the plane and seated then playing your stupid annoying gag music over the PA.  No one was laughing.  One last thing Tony, saying over and over and over in a creepy voice "We are watching you" over the intercom..... is CREEPY!  

The return trip wasn't any better.  It was delayed by over an hour.  Why you ask?  Well, once we boarded the plane and were ready to depart, I looked out the right side and saw trailers full of bags that were sitting in front of the wing.  Turns out the ground crew never loaded the bags onto the aircraft.  It finally came down to the Captain and the gate attendant to start loading bags until help finally arrived.  At least I got a window seat to watch the debacle.