Payam's Blogolishis

Shooting Cops

Here we are shooting cops.  Im duct taped and chained to a steering wheel, which is pretty normal for a Sat. night....   Im just missing the leather whips across the bum.   Stay tuned for the release of this very short short film.  

Baby Payam

I came across these while going through some boxes.  Miss that thick black hair!  One day they will find a cure and I will return to my old self.  Until then I wait...

Christmas Eve

The Christmas roast is in the oven.  The family is headed over for a night of feasting and opening presents.  May all of you have a wonderful Holiday!

Santa Is Coming...

The tree and decorations are up.  Now its time to have a Christmas Party and watch the Christmas ships sail by my window.   And in no time SANTA will be here!!!  YAY!

Thanksgiving At The Mountain

What a wonderful time spending Thanksgiving at the mountain with friends.  No family, no drama, no headaches.  Although, it was raining and windy, the rooms were clean and cozy.  And the fireplace was a welcoming sight at the end of the day.  I think this may be an annual tradition....